Blade & Soul, Tower of Mushin Floor 8

Original Blade & Soul (KR) Force Master vs. Boss in Tower of Mushin Floor 8


Although bearing ordinary looks, the Jin folks are a special group of humans in possession of an incarnate body and a pure spirit. The Jin normally has an outstanding...


Gon, a race born out of the dragon's breath Any male player shall play a Gon character. This saying seems to have dominated most male players. No doubt, the Gon people,...


The Kun people, endowed with the force of phoenix, wear a look of the fairy ladies who descend from the Heaven. They possess unparallel grace and beauty. They are said...


This little and dainty race features big ears, tails and lovely looks. Indeed, their folks possess many kinds of ears and tails. At this moment, only the fox model and...

Blade Master

No matter in melee combat or long-range one, Blade Masters are really terrors for enemies as they always integrate all sweat, souls and swords into a whole one and perform swordsmanship to the utmost proficiency.

Kung-Fu Master

To some extent, Kung-Fu Masters are a symbol of strength as they have iron arms and legs and have reached the highest level in physical power.


Except their clumsy movements, destroyers have supreme defense and terrible beheading damage. It can be said that they are the embodiment of demons and the true warriors among the four classes, which obviously make them most suitable to serve as Main Tanks.

Force Master

Force Masters unite Qi and Gong perfectly and have a good command of the mystery between theme and the great power hidden in qigong.


The Assassin, a new class unveiled in the latest trailer, mainly uses something like bayonet as her weapons, and can counter the foes' attack (very quickly) in a very short time. It is an agile class common in the martial arts MMORPGs. From the video, we can see that the...


Summoner is a ranged class. They summon cute cats to deliver a variety of attacks. They can also protect nearby allies with dandelion seeds.

Game Info
  • Name: Blade&Soul
  • Developer: ncsoft
  • Type: MMORPG
  • Features: Fantasy Game
  • Korean Website: Enter